Go Plant-Based with Theresa Sam Houghton

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Why Plant-Based?

Experience the power of moving toward an optimal diet!

Diet and lifestyle choices have a big impact on well-being, but it’s hard to know which changes to make.

A plant-based diet makes healthy living easy: Eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Don’t eat animal products or processed foods.

The benefits are clear:

Deliciously Simple

Easy food choices, easy prep, tasty meals

Nutrient Dense

More vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Natural Focus

No artificial junk, no processed oils —
Just real, whole food

Real results for life!

What can GreenGut’s health consulting services do for you?

A Lifestyle, Not a Diet

No “quick fix” gimmicks!
Experience lasting results with habits based around good food, smart habits and spiritual well-being.

Improve Energy

Power up with plant-based nutrients —
Feel the difference in just a few weeks!

Defeat Disease

Eat “green” (and red, orange, yellow, purple, blue…)
Fight back against chronic symptoms
Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and more

Make Healthy Eating Easier

Shop on your budget.
Cook on your schedule.

Reach Your Goal Weight

Enjoy whole, healthy foods without obsessing over calories.
Find an enjoyable exercise plan.
Let your body reach the weight it was meant to be.

Love Cooking & Eating Again

Say goodbye to packaged “diet foods”
Learn simple prep tips
Have fun experimenting in the kitchen

What people are saying about GreenGut Wellness:

  • K.W.

    When Sam was in school she consulted with me regarding my nutrition needs, some health issues, and my eating habits. Wow was that eye-opening! Sam learned a lot about me and my health via an extensive questionnaire, then delved even further by asking more specific questions. She followed my food journals faithfully and paid attention to every detail to get to my concerns. Sam had excellent, practical suggestions for me, and added new ideas slowly so as not to overwhelm me all at once. I highly recommend her services to everyone, since we could all improve our health and habits. She is very well-informed and so excited to share her knowledge. Bravo, Sam! -- K.W.

  • N.M.

    I learned a lot about my diet habits while I worked with Sam to create new ones. Sam has a lot of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating habits. I trust Sam with any personal questions I have about what I eat. Eating healthy at any age is a good way to prevent disease later on. Sugar is at an unhealthy level in our society today. Sam recommended healthy substitutes and provided great recipes. She also helped me see that my dairy intake was high and that I should be drinking more water. Thanks Sam! -- N.M.

  • M.I.

    Sam worked really hard to tailor a program to my time, budget, and dietary restrictions. I learned real tools to add to my nutritional and culinary rotation. -- M.I.

  • K. H.

    … After working with Theresa and following her recommendations, I have been able to see a marked difference in my overall health. She worked closely with my primary care provider as well as my endocrinologist to optimize my health care program. As a side benefit, my cholesterol was lowered significantly and I ceased having migraine headaches. … I highly recommend GreenGut Wellness to anyone looking to improve their health through a few simple lifestyle changes. -- K.H.

  • S.K.

    GreenGut Wellness is a true gem! Theresa is knowledgeable and takes time to relate to her clients with compassion and thoroughly assess their needs. She walked me through significant lifestyle changes with ease, breaking down each step of the process in a way that was customized to me as a person and my lifestyle. ... If you're looking to improve your health, I cannot recommend the services of GreenGut Wellness enough! -- S.K.

  • R.J.

    What most impressed me in my sessions with Theresa was the time she committed to making a thorough assessment, and her treatment of me as an individual with unique needs. Though she often recommends and adheres to a 100% plant-based vegan diet, she recognized that such a diet would be unwise for me because of significant protein malabsorption issues (not to mention chronic conditions that limit plant protein options). ... I've no doubt that if I'd followed a diet such as Theresa recommended earlier in life, many of my chronic conditions ... could have been prevented. -- R.J.

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