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GreenGut Wellness creates customized, targeted content strategies to help health and fitness brands get more leads, convert more customers — and change lives.

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Why Invest in Educational Content?

Reach More Customers

You believe in what you do. You’re looking for customers who share your vision. Using a targeted content strategy, GreenGut Wellness connects your brand with people who support your mission — and who are looking for the types of products and services you offer.

Increase Your Sales

It’s not enough to bring people to your website. You want them to convert. GreenGut Wellness works with your business to tailor content to the right audience and turn prospects into customers.

Become a Trusted Source

Customers want real, accurate answers to their questions, not clickbait and hype. GreenGut wellness takes your unique industry knowledge and turns it into the kind of content they’re looking for. Your brand becomes a source for expert information and a guide in the quest for a healthier life.

The Power of GreenGut Wellness Content Marketing

customer avatarsUnderstand your audience

Defining your target market and setting goals sets you up for content marketing success.

Through a series of one-on-one sessions, you’ll discover who your customers are and how they make buying decisions so that you can reach the right people with your products and services.

analyze resultsGet eyes on your brand

Content optimized for the keywords your customers are searching for builds brand awareness and recognition.

Performance analysis digs deeper into how and where prospects engage with your content to help you put a laser focus on your strategy.

You’ll know exactly where to spend time and money — instead of wasting resources on campaigns that don’t convert.

social media connectionsBuild your online presence

Get established on the social media channels where your customers spend most of their time to start the one-on-one conversations that turn prospects into brand advocates.

Cross-publishing articles to other platforms expands your reach beyond your website to increase visibility in organic search.

Looking to leverage leads you already have? Email newsletters deliver your content directly to customers’ inboxes — where it can’t get buried by changing search or social media algorithms.

thought leadership connectionsChange lives through thought leadership

Great content is about more than sales. Your prospects are looking for useful, accurate information they can apply to their daily lives whether or not they’re ready to buy. Refine and expand your content strategy over time with new elements to give them more of the information they want and answer their most pressing questions.

Guiding customers through the decision-making process with content they can act on sets you apart from brands that always go for the hard sell and delivers a better customer experience — which translates into more conversions and a wider reach through word-of-mouth marketing.

Meet the Team

Hi! I’m Theresa “Sam” Houghton, your personal health content marketer.

I’m a writer, a trained health coach and a self-proclaimed nerd.

How can this help your brand? Simple. I build content strategies that turn the details you want your customers to know into content they want to read.

Your business has more to offer than just products or services; you have expertise. You have knowledge. You have something that can actually change customers’ lives for the better. And there’s no more opportune time than now to get it out there with highly targeted educational content.

That’s where I come in! Over the past 10 years, I’ve written thousands of articles for businesses just like yours while navigating the ins and outs of SEO. My goal is to work with you to turn your brand into a resource customers will come back to again and again by developing a content strategy tailored to the exact audience you want to target.

Theresa "Sam" Houghton, health coach

What People Are Saying

what people are saying about GreenGut Wellness
  • Theresa is reliable, punctual, and an excellent writer. She carefully researches each topic assigned to her and writes with expert-level authority. She adheres to deadlines, and often submits content early. I would highly recommend her to any business looking to ramp up their content marketing strategy.–Matt, National Business Capital & Services

  • Theresa’s attention to detail and timely completion of complex operations is second to none. I highly recommend her.–Hal, The Classic Preservation Coalition

  • GreenGut Wellness is a true gem! Theresa is knowledgeable and takes time to relate to her clients with compassion and thoroughly assess their needs.–Sarah

  • I appreciated her not just telling me what to do but teaching me and providing me with information and tools I could use well after the sessions ended to keep going strong with the life changes I was making.–Allona

Testimonials refer to both current content creation and prior health coaching services.

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