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In the last post, I mentioned how our garden has been spitting out astronomical amounts of green beans.  I should add I feel rather blessed that, despite the drought, we’re able to grow anything at all.  My house happens to be near a natural mountain pond which several of the surrounding camps and homes are connected to via water spouts that are only turned on in the summer.  Without that to water the garden with, I doubt I’d be making any posts about the abundance of fresh produce.  As we’re fond of saying in the QV household, God provides, and I’m grateful!

vegan sesame green beans with soba noodles
Spicy Sesame Noodles with Green Beans from Robin Robertson’s 1,000 Vegan Recipes is as simple as it sounds.  And by simple I mean easy to prepare and completely delicious!  It’s made with a fairly basic Asian-style tahini sauce, mixing the sweetness of rice vinegar with a little kick from some hot pepper flakes.  The green beans get stir-fried with some red bell pepper, ginger and garlic–another standard flavor combination in Asian food.  Though I mostly avoid cooking with oil now, I did use a little sesame oil for this recipe because of the flavor it imparts.  However, it was a far cry from the original two tablespoons, and I left the tablespoon of canola oil out completely.  The full recipe uses up half a pound of green beans, so it’s a great way to enjoy the bounty!

The entire dish comes together in about fifteen minutes, not counting prep time.  With prep, maybe twenty-five.  Whatever the case, it didn’t take very long to make, and the end result was a perfect light dish for a hot day.  I used soba noodles for the noodle part because, really, why not?  We love soba here in the QV house and always have some around.  My mom likes to go to one of the semi-local oriental grocery stores and buy big boxes of them from time to time.  I find that they’re perfect for dishes that combine sesame flavors with noodles.

Now that I’ve shared another thing I’m doing with our garden produce, I want to know: what’s the most prolific plant in your garden this year? If it’s a veggie or fruit, what have you been cooking with it?

I also have an exciting announcement!  Now that I’ve completed the Plant-Based Nutrition program through eCornell, I officially hold a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition!  While this doesn’t make me a nutritionist, it has given me greater insight into the benefits of eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet, both for personal health and for the health of the planet.   This approach to eating goes way beyond abstaining from animal products to a place where food returns to its original purpose: to nourish the body, thereby promoting health and preventing or reversing the diseases we commonly associate with Western living.  I can’t wait to start sharing this knowledge with others and hope to incorporate it into the blog as well!


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Sam has been eating a plant-based diet since summer of 2009 and has spent the subsequent years experimenting with all manner of plant-based food. She holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is a graduate of the Bauman College Nutrition Consultant Program. She is a former member of Toastmasters International and was awarded a Competent Communicator designation for public speaking. When she's not blogging or cooking, Sam likes to read and study the Bible, play silly card games and knit socks.
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