St. Patrick’s Day Vegan Recipe Roundup!

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Believe it or not, St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday!  Whether you’re a fan of corned beef and cabbage (vegan, of course) or you just like wearing a lot of green, you’ve probably been on the lookout for fun things to do for the holiday.  Like a lot of other holidays, St. Patty’s Day has specific foods associated with it which people make an effort to prepare even if it’s something they’d never think to eat the rest of the year.

Personally, I’m just in it for the green cabbage sales.  But if you’ve been searching for vegan St. Patrick’s Day recipes to bring the luck o’ the Irish to your table (or something like that), here are a few you can try!

green shamrock cookie cutter from wilton

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Shamrocks are, of course, an iconic St. Patrick’s Day image.  If you’ve got a little time, grab yourself a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter (like the green one above, from Wilton) and whip up a batch of green frosted sugar cookies!  I adapted the recipe for Christmas, but they’re good any time of year.

vegan corned beef and cabbage by la pure mama

image courtesy of la pure mama

I’ll admit that, even after looking up recipes, I still have no idea what “corned beef” is.  But if you do and you’re hankering for a vegan version of the classic corned beef and cabbage, la pure mama posted this one last year, complete with instructions for beef-style seitan.

If mock beef isn’t your thing, you might want to try this quinoa-stuffed cabbage from The Vegan Version instead.  I know I wanted to eat it as soon as I read the recipe!

quinoa stuffed cabbage from the vegan version

image courtesy of The Vegan Version

And for a tasty snack, you can’t sneeze at Happy Herbivore’s Irish Soda Bread!  Simple, rustic bread with raisins…yes please.

irish soda bread from happy herbivore

image courtesy of Happy Herbivore

If you’re in a hurry but still feel like getting into the spirit, there are always lunchtime cabbage wraps!  They’re also good for using up any extra cabbage you might have left over…

Do you have a favorite vegan St. Patrick’s Day recipe?  Link it in the comments!  I’d love to see what you’re cooking up this year.


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  1. The Vegan Version  March 15, 2012

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I hope you enjoy the recipe for the stuffed cabbage! And, I agree about the cabbage sales this time of year! Hope you enjoy St. Patty’s Day!

    • Sam  March 15, 2012

      Thank you for the awesome recipe! I’m making it tonight along with some roasted veggies. I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

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