Black Beans, Yellow Corn, Red Rice

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What’s better than a simple, delicious dish for dinner?

black bean burrito with red rice 01
Two simple, delicious dishes!  I had some black beans left over from making a bean and rice dish last week, and the idea of black bean and corn burritos struck my fancy when I was searching for something to do with them.  I went with a truly simple 1,000 Vegan Reicpes concoction of black beans, corn kernels, onion, and salsa.  Making it was just as easy as it sounds!

I added some chopped spinach and fresh cilantro for garnish, and that really brought everything together.  The salsa gave the mashed beans flavor and moisture, and the corn added a surprisingly firm texture.  I usually get quite fancy with black beans, throwing in everything from cumin to lime juice, but this was perfect as it was.

black bean burrito with red rice 02
For an accompaniment, I pulled out the Happy Herbivore Cookbook to find the red rice recipe I knew was in there.  Do you ever find yourself thinking more about a picture of a recipe than the recipe itself?  Yeah, this was one of those times.

Turns out the picture stuck in my head was of Charleston Red Rice.  Again, a simple recipe that basically involves turning brown rice into a pile of seasoned, tomato-y goodness.  Cayenne and hot sauce are involved, so of course the hot food lover in me had to have it.  It made a great side to the burritos, and I think it could be a meal in and of itself with the addition of some beans and a few veggies.

Once again, a simple dinner turned out to be amazing!


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