Digestive health is closely connected with the health of the rest of your body.

That’s because 70% of your immunity is in your gut! Think about it. Where do you have the most contact with the outside world? If your gut health isn’t good, the rest of you won’t feel right, either.

With health consulting services from GreenGut Wellness, you get a personalized diet and lifestyle plan designed to restore the health of your gut — and your entire body. By focusing on plant-based foods, regular exercise, stress reduction and spiritual well-being, I can help bring you back into a natural balance that’s easy and enjoyable to maintain.

All services are conducted by phone with additional email and text message support.

How does wellness consulting work?
  • Book a package
  • Get a confirmation email
  • Set a date
  • Fill out a few simple forms
  • Connect via phone for your first session
  • Start on the road to better health!


Get started on the road to better health:

  • Detailed health, diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Initial 1-hour intake session
  • One 1-hour followup session


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GreenGut Jumpstart

Experience the benefits of initial changes:

  • Detailed health, diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Initial 1-hour intake session
  • Three (3) 1-hour followup sessions

Most popular option!


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Health Investor

Begin to see and feel the difference:

  • Detailed health, diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Initial 1-hour intake session
  • Six (6) 1-hour followup sessions


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Let's Do This!

Take the plant-based plunge:

  • Detailed health, diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Initial 1-hour intake session
  • Twelve (12) 1-hour followup sessions


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If you’re in New York’s Capital District area, inquire about adding these services to your gut health program:

Complete pantry makeover

Guided shopping tour(s)

In-home cooking classes

Service Details

15-Minute Phone Consultation

A quick introduction to GreenGut’s health consulting services. We’ll discuss your current health concerns, how they may be connected to gut health and how Gren Gut can help you heal. My goal is to find the perfect program to empower you to achieve lifelong wellness!

Intake Session

Prior to this 1-hour session, you’ll complete a 3-day diet journal, a diet and lifestyle survey and an in-depth health questionnaire. We’ll go over the results and delve into your health history to pinpoint potential underlying causes of your symptoms and develop a targeted digestive health plan to address them.

Followup Sessions

Each 1-hour session builds on the previous one as you make changes and journey toward a state of balance. Sessions end with personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations to work on for the next time. Handouts and additional questionnaires may also be provided. A targeted natural supplement regimen may be outlined if necessary.

Pantry Makeover

Learn which foods in your pantry and refrigerator could be undermining your gut health in this 2-hour session. We’ll go through what you have on hand, weed out the worst offenders and discuss nutritious replacements. Use the pantry staples list provided to stay on track when restocking and on future shopping trips.

Shopping Tour

Not sure where to find the best food choices for your new lifestyle? I’ll take you on a 2-hour tour of your favorite store(s) or farmers market(s), provide pointers on which items are the most nutritious and explain how to make them part of daily meals.

In-Home Cooking Classes

I love cooking with others, and it’s my pleasure to show you how to prepare plant-based foods to maximize gut health. We’ll discuss your food preferences before our 2-hour session, and I’ll send you a personalized selection of recipes along with a list of the ingredients we’ll need to cook them together.

Need a presenter for your organization's next event?

Let Green Gut bring all the benefits of plant-based health consulting to your business, organization or school. I’m available for talks, seminars and cooking demonstrations. Contact me to learn more.