Bring all the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle to your organization or community with my Living the Plant-Based Life seminar. This 4-part series covers all the basics of plant-based diets, including practical suggestions for meal planning, shopping and food preparation.

Sessions are scheduled once per week at the location of your choice. Instructional handouts are included.

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What can a GreenGut seminar do for your team?

  • Improve well-being
  • Reduce illness rates
  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Empower individuals to take charge of their health
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Living the Plant-Based Life: 4-Part Seminar

Practical Advice for Powerful Digestive Health Results

Harness Plant Power

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Few adults in the U.S. get the recommended number of servings of fruit and vegetables every day. These cornerstones of plant-based diets promote digestive health by:

  • Providing fiber to feed gut bacteria
  • Creating a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating
  • Boosting antioxidant intake

In the Fruits & Vegetables seminar, participants learn why they should be eating more of these essential foods, how to increase intake and tips for preparing delicious meals centered on whole, unprocessed plant ingredients.


“Good” Carbs

wheat stalk and grains featureAmericans are getting over 60% of their calories from processed foods, including processed grain products and added sugars. Swapping out these “bad carbs” for whole, unprocessed grains:

  • Improves digestive health with beneficial fiber
  • Provides more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • Helps control weight and blood sugar

In “Whole Grains,” participants learn the difference between types of carbohydrates, what whole grain options are available and how to move away from standard processed fare.

Plant Protein Powerhouses

black beans by Mats Heyman

Beans, lentils, split peas and other legumes are the answer to the age-old question of where to get protein when eating plant-based. The impressive nutritional profile of beans aids in:

  • Preventing blood sugar imbalances
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Meeting daily fiber intake requirements

This presentation gives an overview of the health benefits of eating beans and explains the best ways to buy and prepare them so that participants can easily include more plant proteins in their daily diets.


Nuts, Seeds & More

Fruit n Nuts by chidsey

Consumption of highly processed hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils has skyrocketed since the 1970s while confusing information about low-fat, high-fat and oil-free diets has taken over mainstream media. The final part of this seminar series seeks to:

  • Dispel the myths about dietary fats
  • Show how to obtain the right kinds of fats from whole plant sources
  • Help participants decide which types, if any, oils to consume
  • Show how to use nuts, seeds, avocados and other healthy fat sources to enhance meals and snacks


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